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Terno Recordings 10th Anniversary: Bands + Venue

“Darlin'” off of Tahiti 80’s hiatus-ender The Past, Present & The Possible is a swinging pop song perfect for sun-in-your-face rummaging on a summer day and also served as the fire-starter of a busy year after the band took a break upon releasing its 2008 full-length Activity Center. Part of that busy year is coming to the Philippines this October for Terno Recordings’s celebration of a decade of being in the music industry, and more so of 10 years of dishing out bands that “challenge your pop sensibilities.”

The 10th anniversary blow-out will happen on the 21st next month at 6/F The Tents at Alphaland Southgate, Makati City (map here). Terno Recordings’s Up Dharma Down and Radioactive Sago Project will also perform at the event. Check out the poster for ticket prices and more updates on their site.

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