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Soap&Skin: Narrow

Lovetune For Vacuum painted Anja Plaschg behind the shadows of her work. Veiled as Soap&Skin, Lovetune are like ghosts of memories for Plaschg, like entries in a notebook drafted in yearning and heartbreak about relationships gone wrong. With no intention of getting bigger than her work, songs like “Thanatos,” “Spiracle” and “Mr. Gaunt Pt 1000″ are towering ballads that measure the then teenager to a higher order among her contemporaries. She sounded serious and immediate, and Lovetune was in no time became a cult favorite for people that care less about the name but are big on art grandeur.

It took Plaschg three years to serve a follow-up for Lovetune. The events between that and her current release, the mini-album Narrow, grew bigger than the persona she has created as Soap&Skin and as a woman of immense intensity. The death of her father, her seclusion in Italy and her artistic quest arched up to the height that no other catharsis can fulfill than music. Narrow assumes Plaschg as a grown up dealing with wordily problems, most especially death and sorrow. These themes were explored in her debut; it is only that in Narrow she is less confessional but more moody and strangely relative.

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