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The Role of Deceit: No Other Woman, Meet My Neighbor’s Wife

Distant cousins with a couple of weeks away from their “birth” are My Neighbor’s Wife by Jun Lana and Ruel Santos Bayani’s No Other Woman. Cousins because of the same bloodline; roots of deceit, infidelity and loose storylines make up the latest attempts on sex-drama from big industry players Regal Films and Viva Films with Star Cinema. While the movies are both centered on marriage and the faltering of one, they are at times too similar yet too abstract to be compared.

My Neighbor’s Wife tells the story of two married couples connected by the husbands who have been best friends since college. Bullet (Jay Cuenca) and Aaron (Dennis Trillo) had been in each other’s throat and they didn’t even know it. Aaron has secretly wished a life like that of Bullet, luxurious and affluent tended by owning condominiums and bar business, the later has secret affairs with women while his wife Jasmine (Carla Abellana) is a Bree Van de Kamp complete with a delicatessen and carefully OC-approved cupboard of bags. Bullet on the other side, who might not have wanted Aaron’s wife Giselle (Lovi Poe), could actually use a woman like her; someone who has the vigor of a party animal and more of that in bed. The fateful night between Giselle and Bullet sparked the exchange of the pawns in their own game. As for No Other Woman, the title role belongs to Cara (Anne Curtis), a Zalderiaga heiress who fittingly embodies the term— studied in New York, clad in Chanel, owns a top-down, sprawled over bed of roses. Problem arises when Cara meets Ram (Derek Ramsey) an ambitious furniture designer/ salesman eyeing dealership in Costa Luz resort, a soon-to-open Zalderiaga venture looking for contractors for its interiors. Cara who takes the challenge of tempting the married designer with a dare hackneyed as telenovelas go, “no commitment, don’t you dare fall in love,” according to Cara but of course she gets caught up in her own game and indeed feels jealousy towards the legal wife Charmaine (Cristine Reyes).

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