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Incendiary: “In Your Nature” by Zola Jesus

“If it’s in your nature, you’ll never win,” threatens Nika Roza Danilova.

Zola Jesus’s return hinted a year-long visibility for the goth-sketched singer, starting with “Vessels” and the best guest vocals of the year in M83’s Intro. And of course because of Conatus— a Latin word that describes a creation’s continued pursuit to strive, to fully realize its purpose and eventually its demise. In her latest record, most of the tracks are intended for serious gestation, hidden for immediate accessibility and pleading for time and reflection. It does not help that Zola Jesus thunders in her rounded, throaty vocals cloaking the lyrics of the  songs. One stand out and can be considered as Conatus‘s tower is “In Your Nature,” a fatalistic look at a person’s inability to adapt change that spells doom to another person’s Moira and later himself.

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