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New Release: Relic by Matt Stevens

Never out of respect for musicians who continue to push the envelope in music, I cannot help but feel enthusiastic when I received in the mail Matt Steven’s third effort Relic. Based from his work with his band The Fierce and The Dead, its debut reckoned to be one of the year’s (if not the) best left-field post-rock record of the year, it is not an overstatement to consider Matt Steven as one of the most talented, poignant guitarists/ instrumentalists in the current scene. In Relic, he showcases once more his genre-defying work mixing post-rock influences tinged with jazz, metal and electronic with the help from The Fierce and the Dead drummer Stuart Marshall (disarming in “20 GOTO 10″) and  Crippled Black Phoenix/ Catscans’s Chrissie Caulfield on violin (“Scapegoat”) plus additional instruments like bass, Mellotron and glockenspiel. 

Relic is released under Stevens’ own label Spencer Park Music and can be purchased on a name-your-price (imagine!) download on his Bandcamp page. The release of Relic signals Stevens tour all over UK plus more dates to follow which fans can follow through his website. Relic is out September 26th. and produced by Kevin Feazey.

Links: Website, FacebookBandcamp and Twitter.

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