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Instituto Cervantes de Manila hails Rizal at 150

No disrespect but Jose Rizal at 150 would have been the perfect costume party if he was here. Kidding aside, one could only imagine what kind of spectacle it would have been, ostentatious ternos, los guapo politicos in barong and lyrical recitals to honor the Great. Now that it is drawing near, Instituto Cervantes de Manila in part of its El Día del Español (Spanish Language Day) celebration will honor the Philippine national hero with its first ever choral reading of “Mi Ultimo Adios (The Last Farewell)” on June 18. With projected Spanish readers of 150 , the endeavor will recite all 70 verses of the infamous deathbed poem at the ICM veranda.

“This is our tribute to José Rizal. Many of the great works in Philippine literature were written in the Spanish language during the Spanish period and the first half of the 20th century. And Rizal’s immortal masterpieces are, definitely, no exception,” says Instituto Cervantes director José Rodríguez.

In line with this, the institute plans a Spanish reissue of two of Rizal’s famous works Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo this year. Interested parties may visit the ICM website for more information.

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