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CocoRosie: “We Are On Fire” + “Tearz For Animals” feat. Antony Hegarty

Discovering CocoRosie was like finding out a blackhole in a world where everything makes your eyes roll to the back of your head out of boredom. Right at that point when I thought everybody I listened to all sound the same, The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn swallowed me to its vacuum which was kind of uncomfortable but novel. Labelled as freak folk, reunited siblings  Bianca and Sierra Casady’s work as CocoRosie is never questioned in its originality. The post-modernistic sting of Grey Oceans tested the duo’s talent in crafting otherworldly songs that embark on continents of different images, much like the aesthetic of which the Casady sisters cling to- mustaches, baseball cut-out tops, peasant dresses and aprons- in their reluctance to cater to the established roles we all play upon. In their art, they are of different characters, they are sexless with overzealous sexuality, treehugging headless horsemen, and anyone their side of the world allow them to be. For the listeners who interpret their music, it’s bewildering, for others who just lend themselves to it, it is a memorable experience to just let it go. It has been two years since I have heard anything new from them so the release of their new single “We Are On Fire” with the flipside “Tearz for Animals” was one of the most exciting news I have heard so far.

“We Are On Fire” by CocoRosie

“We Are On Fire” comes off a step-up to their usual sound especially after Grey Oceans, with more percussion and fast beats smoldering the song gently into an upbeat number. Sierra’s signature yowl near the end before the repeated chorus (“I used to have eyes, the colour of sky, now I can see, in the middle of the night,”) ante up the shiver factor in generous scales. “Tearz for Animals,”  in company of another rainbow warrior Antony Hegarty, is a powerhouse ode to the slaves of the world or possibly to the world being a slave to its people instead. As opaque as usual with its lyrics, CocoRosie tries to achieve some sort of panic and dilemma as the sound of computing swatches pulsate in the song with Hegarty’s mournful parts of “hopeful healing, if you’re willing” hypnotically layered by the sisters singing “do you have love for humankind?.” The result is an insensible track that does not easily wear off one’s consciousness after listening to it.

“Tearz For Animals” by CocoRosie featuring Antony Hegarty

With these tracks being on their own greatness, the upcoming LP is expected to be of exceptional deal as well and maybe even more. The group asking Hegarty for a part seems like a communion of two artists that can headline their own oddity of sorts, expelling creativity and uniqueness that always challenge their followers. The good thing about CocoRosie is that I cannot really find something to compared them with, and most of the time, they always have outdone their past work.

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