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Acquainted With the Night: An Interview with Clara Engel

The way Clara Engel articulates the lyrics “an angel from Madagascar/ picked me up in a motor car/ we filled our bodies up with stars” from the titular song in her new EP made me Google the following: angel+madagascar+looks. Tried it? It led you back to this page for sure or to some photos of frog eggs which does not even have an infinitesimal relation to images of dungeons and wicked spell-chant gatherings “Madagascar” gives to me. The artist, Clara Engel, has spooled characters and environment throughout her career (you need to catch up on her discography!) with a singular, bewildering flame burning with inner grit. Her music challenges you; it speaks of lands, of people encompassing lifetimes and realities that would otherwise sound preposterous if not done with passion and presence like she has in her voice (or voices) left alone with a guitar or a piano. When you do, when you listen to her and not just hear her, deep inside you, an experience occurs; for a moment angel+madagascar+looks was not even needed to get your imagination working. It is called art and Clara Engel makes it happen for you and me.

Before the release of Madagascar EP under Vox Humana Records, I was given a wonderful opportunity— an interview with Clara Engel.

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