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Sandwich Murders Betamax for Cafe Puro

What is the difference between a band that allows the use of its song on a TV spot from a band singing its song on a TV spot? Tact.

Though major companies are known to use celebrity appeal in getting their point across consumers, “buy us” that is, it is of recent trend that these players use bands in it especially indie rock acts. “Name that Song” while watching the playoffs is more exciting to some degree when you hear a familiar tune providing the thumping of dancing ants on the screen.

Backed by Sigur Ros, Feist, The Submarines, Devendra Banhart, Grizzly Bear, The Go! Team, Postal Service and even Vashti Bunyan; providing music for an ad can be forgiven for you know that your favorite artists get the grease for their next release.

But singing in it and tweaking the lyrics to satisfy branding? Loserville. Once “Betamax” was an anthemic song that flooded the mosh pit with memories due to its vivid and playful commemoration of OPM greats. Now? You think of the band members acting in Barbieland drinking coffee from their Barbie teacups. Not classy Sandwich.

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