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Allo Darlin’s Darren (Review)

Darren Hayman, famous for his ambitious and not abstentious releases is the subject of Allo Darlin’s equally ambitious picture disc/ vinyl 7″ release. The two, especially the band’s vocalist Elizabeth Morris, have been in the same circle of musical friends, evidence is the Darren/ Elizabeth collab “I Know I Fucked Up” in his January Songs record.

“Darren” plays along as a perfect song for a John Hughes film for its 80’s feel, progressing guitars and steady-paced drums as the bass crawls all over the background. Morris sings in a low register, sounding relaxed, fashionably aware as she relates a budding romance and enjoying its bliss while “listening to Darren,” making the hero a musical persona in the song. “ I can stay forever hanging out,” she repeats over and over in the end with chorus vocals sealing the fun, summer tune that Darren would even probably consider to be the best song not written by him.

Allo Darlin’ “Darren”

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