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Naomi Yang for Julia Holter’s “Our Sorrows”

Photographer and musician Naomi Yang of pop duo Damon & Naomi landed the directing job for Julia Holter’s latest single “Our Sorrows.”  It is the second track off of Holter’s mesmerizing (and one of the year’s best) Ekstasis, an avant-garde work of a record that is brimming with obscurity and charm. Ekstasis, though I have not written about it before, never fails to take me by surprise whenever I listen to it, unfolding new angle or layering that I have not heard with the previous listen. The new single “Our Sorrows” is not far from that experience. In six minutes of Holter’s orchestration of tenuousness, Yang expands the song’s lingering “If you call out, I will follow you” call out into visuals of Holter crafting a yarn around the city of Los Angeles. The perspective of interconnecting various elements in her life as she goes through her day, with that innocent look on her face, translated into the song’s omnipresence and poetic subtleties “meeting at the bus-stop, the early morning look-out crowd, dizzy from the tire view – hear them call your name.” The markings created by her wandering from the urban parts of the city to the woods serve like hints in case she decides to go back. So many meanings on this one, really.

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Los Campesinos!: “Tiptoe Through The True Bits” (MP3)

Septet supergroup Los Campesinos! have been all over this blog since they began dropping tracks off their last Hello Sadness. In fact, I have also written something about the record as well. Now, several months after it saw daylight, Gareth and Co. have decided to resurrect one of the lead singer’s favorite tracks that did not make the cut for the what came out as Hello Sadness— “Tiptoe Through The True Bits.” Given as free download via the band’s blog with lyrics, the track is heavy on narratives and bittersweet punches. What is always present in Los Campesinos! music is the band’s amusingly take on rather serious subjects compelled by Gareth’s ultra- descriptive wordings and the band’s massive, shamble of instruments after the second chorus. “Tiptoe Through The True Bits” immediately reminded me of that impish 1968 Tiny Tim track “Tiptoe Through The Tulips.” A wordplay perhaps?

DOWNLOAD “Tiptoe Through The True Bits”

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