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Passion Pit Live in Singapore 2012 (Tickets + Venue)

Numerous times I have played this band’s EP and debut record and still my desire of watching them live remains. Actually it gets stronger to see how Passion Pit would make their electro-pop productions into a live experience, considering how “Little Secrets” and “Let Your Love Grow Tall” can easily perked up a boring after-work party I’ve been having lately. Hipster or not I would leave the debate on you but Michael Angelakos’ hair-thin falsetto grabs attention and in few situations make hesitant purist HC friends nod heads. Much talk about the band’s inability to translate Manners‘ solid sound into live performance but the ranting will be silenced (or proven) once they reach the continent this August.

The Massachusetts electro-pop act was earlier rumored to be visiting South East Asia when it was confirmed that they are joining Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival in August. After Summer Sonic, Passion Pit will play in Singapore’s Esplanade Concert Hall on August 21. The band took a hiatus after they toured for Manners and are now playing shows to promote their upcoming sophomore record to be released this June.

The Passion Pit Live in Singapore the tickets will be available via SISTIC and priced at SGD48, SGD68, SGD88, SGD98 (excluding SISTIC fees).

Passion Pit: “Let Your Love Grow Tall”

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