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Mombi: “Time Goes” (Music Video)

Becoming one of my favorite acts this year, Mombi please their fans once more with another offering off of their debut The Wounded Beat, an achievement of a record from the duo Kael Smith and Matt Herron. I have written about the band before but the pleasure of raving about them is always an opportunity. Needless to say, the record has been playing non-stop alongside another great discovery House of Wolves. They do not sound the same but they both achieve a certain kind of easy listening mood that appeals to people who like sincere and personal work like that of The Album Leaf, Elliot Smith, Conor Oberst and other lyrical artists.

This time, Mombi promote their latest single “Time Goes.” Working once more with “The Misunderstanding” director Manuel Aragon, the music video, however, is an animated take on the song. “Conceptually, the video is about the circular patterns in nature,” explains Herron of the clip. “Eventually, everything begins again and paper cutout animation helps convey this message of time passing slowly and quickly all at once.”

Adding to the that, “Time Goes” contains some parts of a poem written by Lynn Vanlandingham, Smith’s grandfather, in his 1972 book Alone, I Wait.

Mombi’s The Wounded Beat is still available in the band’s Bandcamp page with added perks worth having for their fans.

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