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Soap&Skin: “Boat Turns Toward The Port”

When Anja Plaschg emerged in 2009 via her debut album Lovetune For Vacuum, it was not an 18-year old singing about her romantic drivel or self-important confessions. Lovetune rather portrayed the Austrian artist beyond her years, an electric voice of her generation singing themes about self-identity and loss of such after the shadows of Nico, Cat Power and Björk. Pulled together by the gravity of her youth and the intensified interpretations of the new world, Lovetune was one of the breakthroughs that year which at times beguiling in its honesty (“Mr. Gaunt Pt 1000“, “Spiracle“) but always defiant and artful. It has been more than two years and ever since I have constantly waited for Plaschg’s new material to surface online, even joining a public group dedicated to update fans with her ventures on movies and theater.

After a long time working on her sophomore album, Plaschg finally released “Boat Toward The Port,” a new track with a music video using footage from the 1982 cult film Koyaanisqatsi (also known as Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance, -thank you Jenna) by documentary director Godfrey Reggio. The movie is a part of a trilogy that focuses on human’s relations to its environment, to our own nature and to the technology we have created. The part that is used on the music video is Koyaanisqatsi’s final sequence, showing a rocket launching to space that ended up in a catastrophe. For this sequence, Reggio used two launch films, the  Saturn V launch and the first Atlast-Centaur in 1962.

“Boat Toward The Port” possesses the avant-garden ethereality Plaschg embellishes on her work. Like the songs in Lovetune, she uses her piano to embark listeners on a dramatic experience, thickened and made more resonant by her Austrian tone philtering her words before she breaks into a ludicrously painful yelp. The track, seemingly less narrative, if not abstract at all like how the music video is, relies on Plaschg’s voice that provides the movement in the song as that mechanical-sounding sampling drag the track to a heightened chorus.

According to her blog, Narrow, the record that contains “Boat Toward The Port,” will be released internationally in February next year. Currently, no official word whether the song will be released as a single or will be available online soon for purchasing.

DOWNLOAD “Boat Toward The Port” (MP3)

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