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Vacation: “Broken Bones” (MP3)

From the upcoming Sunchoke compilation comes a new Vacation song “Broken Bones.” The New York duo made up of Wayne Memmer and Rachel Asher earlier released one of my favorites of the year Locust Lane, which I reviewed last August. “Broken Bones” was written by Asher for a friend’s movie and was supposed to be included in a different mixtape that was later canned. The group decided to submit it as their contribution to that of Sunchoke’s probably due next year (I’d keep you guys posted on it).

According to the band, the song is a reference to the actions we commit out of habit while knowing that we might feel bad about doing it the next day, “its about the vicious cycle,” elaborates Memer. The track sees Vacation appealing a bit different from Locust Lane or The Crazy Kind Of Love EP, they traded their acoustic-callousness-soaked-in-electronics sound for surging wave of dark beats and drone.  “You should come over, see if you can please me,” Memer enthralls us as he sings about feeling emotionally punctured and hoping that someone, temporarily, could seal the deepening wounds.

DOWNLOAD “Broken Bones” or stream it below.

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I Am Waiting For You Last Summer: “Medley Season” (MP3)

Quite perplexed when I saw “dubstep thing” on the band’s description of its new single “Medley Season.” I got a hint with season that this would probably be more upbeat and jauntier than their last Come Full Circle tracks, a hats off to a great year for the band, a celebration in a sense. But Ryazan, Russia’s I am waiting for you last summer could and would, never do a err, funky breakbeat. But I was mistaken. It became clear upon listening that in it’s 4-minute loop, IWFYLS try to converge the wobbly and seizing bass of the genre and its panic on the floor beats with the band’s signature post-rock genes, found at the beginning before the song goes wryly after the 2:00 mark. It starts like how IWFYLS would sound like, slow- burning reverb and prominent guitar before breaking out into a drum and bass/ electro frenzy, positively resulting to indeed a feel of euphoria.

Given as the band’s final single of the year, “Medley Season” is a wonderful treat for those who followed the band this year from the success of their debut self-titled EP and Come Full Circle to a full record next year, offering an addition to those holiday mixtape to commemorate the year in indie music.

DOWNLOAD the track or stream it below, wait you can click on that arrow to get it, too.

Band links: BandcampTumblrSoundcloud and Facebook.

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Zhang Yimou’s The Flowers of War (Trailer)

The Nanjing Massacre in 1937 is the center of the film The Flowers of War, told throught he vision of  Raise the Red Lantern director Zhang Yimou. The film is based on The 13 Women of Nanjing by Geling Yan which tells the history of the Japanese occupation in the southern city of Ninjang which apart from harrowing tales of deaths and rape is a worthy tale of heroism and gallantry. American mortician John Miller (played by Academy Award winner Christian Bale) arrived in the city to service on the death of the local priest but was caught instead due to the conflict between the two warring countries. Miller was prompted to disguise himself as a priest to rescue local schoolgirls and prostitutes away from the terrorizing situation.

The Flowers of War is China’s entry to the Best Foreign Language Film category at the Oscars but yet qualified as the final five battling it out with early favorites A Separation from Asghar Farhadi of Iran, Aki Kaurismäki’s Le Havre (Finland) and In Darkness from Poland’s Agnieszka Holland. The movie will open in China December 16 and the rest of the world in 2012 and stars Christian Bale, Ni Ni, Paul Schneider and Tong Dawei.

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