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Songs For The Sleepwalkers: “Icarus Falling” and “Tell Me How”

There was a time when singer- songwriters credited their fame to young adult shows penned by Kevin Williamson and J.J. Abrams that features the artists’ songs on the creators’ series. This phenomenon created memorable tunes from Jann Arden, PJ Olson. Shawn Mullins, Chantel Kreviazuk and their batch that I keep (cassette form) in the cabinet. Needless to say, what could be a good opportunity for troubadours to market their music as teen shows flourish on television is stifled by the trend of the cast singing the soundtracks themselves. Endless butchering of hit after hit happens every week, the soundtrack culture occurring once in a while but not as vehement as before.

I was suddenly reminded by my adolescence when I started spinning out Songs for The Sleepwalkers’ Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reactions, making me all nostalgic of a time when gems were found in those angst-ridden shows and I actually bought real records. Simplistic and intuitive, Songs for The Sleepwalkers’ music hinges between the heartfelt and almost heartbreaking Elliot Smith and the darkness of Nick Cave. Folk acoustic with samples of strings and stirring percussions and cello, Italian-born Andrea Caccese’s one-man show treats its listeners to a night of ’90s romanticism and fragility.

Living along the region of Lake Mälaren in Sweden, Caccese was on the road for awhile before settling to the area. The result of these road chasing is previewed in his first two tracks “Icarus Falling” and ” Tell Me How” released to introduce  in the forthcoming debut. “Run out of money, drugs and tears. Tell me how did I end up here? You told me life is what you make of it, but I still haven’t figured it out,” sings Caccese in “Tell Me How,” a wanderer’s lullaby to a blurry destination. These late-night moments and some other blues are explored, though the songs are short in length, through ambiguous lyrics and cut-deep tone of Caccese’s voice; the most affecting instrument in these two numbers. While I had thought that these kind of songs were to be dusted off from tape decks, this old soul attempted to salvage what was left and made sense of it all— no matter how distant and stuck in time.

Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reactions will be available January 10, 2012 via Paper Wings Records and can be streamed and pre-ordered on Bandcamp. The music video for ” Tell Me How” is directed by Italian filmmaker Ivan Forastiere.

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