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Blanket Barricade: “A Velvet Affair”

There has to be something highly entertaining when people wearing children’s party costumes while frolicking around the city park for a picnic are stuck backwards.

This and other splashes of gaiety sum up Blanket Barricade’s music video for his debut single “A Velvet Affair.” The man in black, by the way, anticlimactic and straight-faced, is Wesley Krauss, the man behind Blank Barricade.

Shot in reverse, Krauss learned all the words for a month before shooting and creatively glued all the elements of psychedelic happiness in capturing a thwarted feel against the meaning of the song. “Fire your guns, they won’t stop what we’ve begun tonight, ” sings Krauss. The single reminds of John Nolan-led Straylight Run project, just staunchier  and upbeat. Emphasis on wordy lyrics, emphatic vocals and build-ups surge into a catchy chorus and melody about rallying on the street and fighting for what you believe in as Krauss piano cruises along the song. “Regardless what you see/ amongst the chaos on the screen/ it’s only love that we defend… “ he affirms clenched fist.

Some music videos come into mind upon watching “A Velvet Affair”, famously Coldplay’s “The Scientist,” super complicated Cibo Matto video “Sugar Water” and Roman Coppola-directed “From Your Mouth” by God Lives Underwater.

“A Velvet Affair” is Blanket Barricade’s first single from the band’s debut Parade Bells out on December 12, 2011. The music video is directed, written and edited by Ivy Lam.

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