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Rebecca Zapen: “Lakewood” (MP3)

Nest, Rebecca Zapen’s award-winning album, is a cohesive body of work that gathers stories of a family coming together, building what it takes to form a communion except for one track in it “Lakewood.” Told from the singer’s perspective, Rebecca Zapen exhibits simple, easy-to-follow narrative that foster on her childhood memories, ‘I live half a mile form the spot I was born, I live half a block from my sister’  and a child-like wonder on a very somber time in her life involving her parents. ‘the papers were signed, the divorce was final’ she sings matter-of-factly. Aside from Zapen’s stellar work in Cavaquino (South American ukulele), what makes “Lakewood” mesmerizing is its almost detached take on a intended-to-be traumatic event in a child’s life. Zapen uses places and situations to get her point across rather than splattering her feelings all over the song, a true folk quality that makes the genre admirable for someone who listen to so much “now” music.

Zapen grew up listening to classical music because of her mom and has studied in Florida State University on a music scholarship. She has released several records before Nest which harnessed Zapen’s extensive musicality before Nest’s solid, focused sound. The album has been awarded with “Florida Album of The Year” by the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville and has been released widely since November 10th under her own label Bashert Records.

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