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Masterface: “Excuse Me Girl” (MP3)

After his departure from his band of eight years House on a Hill, Seattle native, now based in New York Cedar Apffel has been involved in music after founding his own studio Green Point Alligator Lady Studios in 2008 and has written about music as well. And yes, he has also staged a show for his paintings.

In 2009, Apffel released Freedom Tower as Masterface which Bleek Records eventually picked up for a proper release this November 15th. The first single from the record is “Excuse Me Girl,” a blistering wave of synths, gleaming textures of crystal-like flourishing and urgent vocals that hook up listeners the second it breaks, “this is getting my skin, I’m not quite sure…” part. Engagingly, it reminds of New Villager backed up by a more accessible Avey Tare.

DOWNLOAD “Excuse Me Girl” for free or stream it below:

Links: Masterface’s Bandcamp. FacebookBleek Records.

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