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I Am Waiting For You Last Summer: Come Full Circle EP Finally Released

After a self-titled EP and a new single “Sleep” last July, Russian post-rock act I am waiting for you last summer return with the new Come Full Circle EP which came out yesterday, September 25. Issued independently by the band, the Come Full Circle includes “Sleep” with three more tracks, “And Nothing Changed Yet,” “Nevermore” and the hypnotic opener “Event Horizon.” Eugene, Leo and Alex, though still trying to etch their signature sound apart from their post-rock acts influences, continue to develop thicker and more densed sound than their earlier EP. Songs in Come Full Circle work in more space and in comparison to the first EP, less melodic but with greater weight (“Nevermore”) and layers against Leo’s more forward contribution in his department, hazier beats and electronics (“Event Horizon” and “And Nothing Changed”). Few surprises also polish the sound the band is heading to, effects of pouring water (“Nevermore”) and the choir-like moodiness of “”And Nothing Changed” are a step-up and affecting in total. Come Full Circle is available in the band’s Bandcamp for free.

For my interview with I am waiting for you last summer, click here. Band links: Tumblr, Soundcloud and Facebook.

IWFYLS’ “Event Horizon”

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