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Kompost: Meditative Experimental Music From Australia

The Kaldor Public Art Projects is a dream for local artists in the Philippines. Commissioning various artists in different fields, the movement is shaped by its passion for contemporary arts, as characterized by its hero John Kaldor. The organization has remained not-for-profit for 40 years as it shapes Australia’s view of modern arts, changing the level of appreciation, substance and taste.  The projects are designed for the public to experience as the works are brought outside the interpretation of venue and influence. For music, Kaldor Public Art Projects released Asleep On Red Earth Under Bright Stars an 11-track free for download compilation that gathers Australia’s accomplished musicians including the duo Kompost.

New Zealanders Brett Jons  and Chrs Familton are the brains behind Kompost, an experimental krautronica band that mix beeps and blips out of various drone instruments and from “scraps and discarded waste.” The Jons and Familton were former bass players in their respective bands before forming the guitar/drums punk rock duo The Finalists. Eventually the two conceived Kompost. How on earth do these modern life excesses constructively debauched into songs with ambient and IDM qualities in them? The songs speak for themselves. “Kaamp” has a muted bird sounds in it, alloyed into something like electric statics while “Drained” is the sound your brain makes when you are on a subway hitting pitch darkness off of a tunnel under a busy highway. Coming off of “Oxdeadbeef” is a nostalgic pattern of beats bouncing along flickers of iron-felt hits and a man’s coughing, yes. The band’s latest is “Consuela Marbella” that begins with crispy, crackling strains that dried, small tree braches make when burned. Listening closely, the embers flying off of the bonfire are not surprising to make an appearance in the song as the background “action sequence” space leads the song to its end.

These sounds are not strange to us, really. These natural, ground noises, if you may call them, are heard everyday but not interpreted as music. Experimental at the most, listening to their songs are like the most proper soundtrack to the modern man’s life. Embarking on us journey of space and moods, the drowned melodies are like sounds of technology and human consumption, mobile phones hisses tuned to a laptop and overpriced cold coffee aluminum crashed like a gnarling electric guitar. To understand what I mean, visit Kompost’s Bandcamp for more of their songs + Facebook to interact with the band.

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5th Silent Film Festival Manila: Films + Schedule

This year, the 5th Silent Film Festival for the first time will feature a much-beloved Filipino film Brides of Sulu, debated to be one of the earliest silent films made in the country. Directed by John Nelson, the movie still remains a mystery regarding its production (sadly filed under American Film Institute catalogue for fillms of 1930, according to Bioscopic) but was surely made between 1933 and 1937 with not much known details apart from its director and the leading actors Adelina Moreno and Eduardo de Castro.

Aside from The Philippines, Greece also enters the festival for the first time this year with its five-minute The Greek Miracle, a psedo- documentary that tells a story of a family eager to take part in the ongoing war. The film features real soldiers and most scenes shot on war locations.

For the list of the other films, check out the list below. The festival films will be screened at Shang Cineplex- Cinema 2, Shangri-La Plaza Edsa.


7PM- Brides of Sulu (Philippines, 1933-1937)

9PM- Nosferatu (Germany, 1922)


5PM-  Akeyuku Sora (Japan, 1929)

7PM- L’Inferno (Italy, 1911)


5PM- The Greek Miracle (Greece, 1921)

7PM- Pilar Guerra (Spain, 1926)

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FDCP’s 1st Sineng Pambansa National Film Competition

Php 600, 000 film grant? Not bad at all.

For directors who are new in the field, by “new” it means having directed/ co-directed not more than three features and born and bred in the Philippines, the seed money provided by the Film Development Council of the Philippines for is not too shabby. The council hopes that with its 1st Sineng Pambansa Competition, the country’s film culture and renewed interest in cinema will be further enhanced. Focusing not only in Features, the competition for Documentary (Php 300,000 grant) and Animation (Php 100,000 grant) are also programmed and separated into three: Luzon Division, Visayas Division and Mindanao with entries from each main land using its native language.

The scriptwriting competition (for all three categories) is set to happen between August and November to be followed by film competition happening next year between January and May. The deadline for the Feature Film Scriptwriting Competition is until November 15, 2011. More information on the FDCP’s website or get the docs below.

1st Sineng Pambansa\’s Rules and Regulations and Application Form.

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Rock Ed Philippines’ Rock Rizal: Radio Active Sago Project, Ely Buendia and Ebe Dancel

A week after Philippine Independence Day we posted the first two tracks off of Rock Ed Philippines compilation Rock Rizal. Today within 24 hours, the songs from the most relevant band today Radioactive Sago Project, Pinoy Rock icons Ely Buendia and Jett Pangan, newly-single Ebe Dancel and childhood superstar Aiza Seguerra were released one after the other. Officially launched through Rock Ed Philippines Facebook community page, the tracks can be played on their Soundcloud page and yes, are free for download— click on that download button on the right. 

Radio Active Sago Project’s “Sino Si Pepe?”

“Bungo Sa Buhangin” by Ely Buendia

Ebe Dancel’s “Ikaw Ang Aking Tahanan”

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The Sonic Pill Podcast: Sonic Boom 5th Anniversary Special

This Saturday, August 27, 2011, rock outfit Sonic Boom will celebrate its 5th anniversary. Happening at the Fort Entertainment Center, Global City, Taguig the affair is slated to feature Philippine’s biggest rock acts. To add up more excitement to Shockwave 2011, Sonic Boom made a Soundcloud podcast made up of bands playing at the concert.

The mixtape includes Faspitch, , Salamin, Intolerant, Taken by Cars, Amterible, Urbandub, December Avenue, Typecast, Indonesia’s Pee Wee Gaskins and Amterible from Singapore. The podcast lasts for about 40 minutes and can be downloaded in Built By Sonic Soundcloud page or click the downloaded button on the link below.

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