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Explosion in the Sky’s Last Known Surroundings (Review)

It is inevitable to make an introduction about Explosions in the Sky without dropping the band’s work in Peter Berg’s football drama Friday Night Lights. The group dominantly provided the soundtrack for both its film and TV adaptation which could be the closest exposure the band got for mainstream audience. After five formal albums, the band returns with Take Care, Take Care, Take Care a six-track collection of post-rock gems that cements the band’s reputation as one of the genre’s forerunners rubbing elbows with Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Mono, This Will Destroy You, If These Trees Could Talk and others.

From Take Care is the band first real music video “Last Known Surroundings” made by Austin-based design group Ptarmak. The video features glowing hexagons (and not to forget other gons) rolling out on what seems to be a planet of geometric planes before bursting out to the universe and finally birthing the earth. Roots to plants, rocks that led to streams, all doomed to Ice Age then the gons appeared again showing first forms of life warping into galaxy again. Really visually enjoyable stuff that show superb production and mindful editing throughout.

The track in itself is celestial in scope, gradually building up believed to be cut in two parts in its 8:22 running time. The first half is Chris Hrasky’s drumming creating the foundation for the second half to thrive upon, then growing with Munaf Rayani and Mark Smith’s sparse guitars before it reaches its stunning crescendos deepened by Michael James’ bass work. Though its takes that much of time, the abrupt end is a bit of a let down for the cinematic effects are not met as much as it has promised at the first half. The kind of ending where you shake your head thinking the curtain could have rolled down differently than the way it did, “more of that, pleaseyou say.

Treat your visual palate with its space-tripping music video below.

Explosion in the Sky’s Last Known Surroundings

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