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I Am Waiting For You Last Summer (Part I- Review)

Left to Right: Eugene on guitar, Alex on guitar and Leo on electronics

The attachment to something that you have discovered on your own is an occurrence so rare that you choose to marvel at it with no desire to show it much less share it to others. This feeling, this selfishness in this entity (in this case in art) is not selfishness really, but more of protecting the rarity of this object, that luster you think cannot really last long if mainstreamed. This could be what drives those frantic art collectors stashing money out for revered pieces only for the rest of the world be shooed away while the piece hangs lonely, desolate on the wall. This sort of resentment makes writing this piece more personal but has to be done nonetheless.

Through tumblr’s visual polyamory, pages and pages and pages of high-def, glossy pictures, is a page aptly named “iwfyls“, that lead to the band I am waiting for you last summer. After few clicks, the band’s EP was added to iTunes and then the Crossing began.

With members of three, Russian band IWFYLS (not sure if it’s that how the band really shorten its nine-syllable name to eight, call it short?) weave layers and layers of muted feelings hidden behind their eponymous EP. Atmospheric tunes tinged by deep, building progressing guitar patches and thickened by steady industrial sounding electronics pay homage to post-rock acts such as Envy, Ireland’s God is an Astronaut and early Album Leaf.

“Solar Wind” is a slow- burning track laced in reverb guitars before exploding into convulating heights then slows down into steady only to build-up like a tornado sweeping what it has left in its first clearing. The guitar work in this one carries out the song well, especially at the beginning where it seems to build the tension then softening again mid-way, sheer pleasure. In “Gu” IWFYLS kicks it off with pulsing beats before it envelops into warm,  space that feels mostly dynamic due to that steady, tight thumping with the effect comparable to this year’s In Lieu’s tunes. Genius begins at 1:17 when the crisp guitar licks mix with flashes of airy sounds only to be over in a flash. Closing the sonic bliss is “Endless” which spans five minutes and twenty of assaulting instrumentation and shifts. In this track, though less catchy and melodic as the first two, establishes IWFYLS musicality. Effectively, this track feels the appropriate closer through its thrilling build-ups swirling in and out that feels like rummaging to the end of a tunnel after a long, eventful venture.

IWFYLS’ EP in its entirety pokes and jabs into your senses while it creates this somber, lukewarm feeling that probably has made post-rock a very personal affair than any other genre in rock. Though without words, bands in this field tend to screw with your feelings and can plead not guilty of it, IWFYLS gives no straight punches, just subtle, deep thrusts. This discovery of the Russia’s IWFYLS music continues with more insights precursor to this EP on the next piece.

Get the EP here via Bandcamp.
Or visit their Souncloud page here.

IWFYLS’ “Solar Wind”


IWFYLS’ “Endless”

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