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Crossing the Russian Borders: I Am Waiting For You Last Summer (Part II- Interview)

After trying to contact I am waiting for you last summer to scold them for their confusing verb/time tenses, they have provided this humbling Q&A few days ago for a proper high-fives, take it with a grain of salt will you? Russians can be goofy especially at that crowning the DJ part.

And yes, they tend to speak in third person, too. Read on:

Q: How did you come up with the name?

Once upon a time there was a good summer.

Q: How did the band form? How did you guys meet/ start toying with the idea of a band?

Alex and Eugene met at local bar examining the gig of This Will Destroy You in October 2010. Alex played in a band called Epsilon Lyr and Eugene was a guitarist (of I am waiting for you last summer). These bands hardly breathed, and so at one of the parties at the same bar, after drinking a fair amount of whiskey, Alex came up to Eugene and asked him if he wanted to play together. Eugene agreed and the guys started writing material and rehearsing. Soon they invited his friend DJ Leo on one rehearsal as a listener, and soon he became a member of the band, responsible for the electronic component of music. The ceremony taking Leo to the band followed: at the building of the local government guys asked the King to christen Leo as DJ of IWFYLS, so The King did it and then a detachment of cavalry gave 3 honorary shot into the sky, and a thick needle was fastened with a DJ icon to the chest of Leo.

Q: What are your musical influences? I myself have no idea what kids dig in your country.

Leo: Before IWFYLS I even can’t imagine that it’s possible to play cheerless music on an international scale. Since childhood I’ve been listening to electronic rhythms of house, trance, drum’n’bass. Later, I discovered the God is Astronaut and it straightened my chakras.

Alex: It’s is some classical music, Rosetta, The Evpatoria Report, Bristol triphop in the 90s, and unknown composers such as John Murphy and Clint Mansell. 

Eugene: A lot of different bands. A lot of Korn, Bloc party, Мои Ракеты Вверх, etc.

Q: I understand you are currently in the process of looking for a label, what is the plan for the band?

If some label will pick us up, we have more time for music. In August we are going to release a new EP.

Q: Do you think your cultural background, in terms of Russian landscape and cultural leanings, affect or reflect your music in any point? How?

Leo: I do not think that Russian culture somehow affected our work. Music IWFYLS is only a manifestation of ourselves, and nothing more. And if we talk about the differences of the band members, then yes, this is the combination disparate people allows us to do something new in the sound.

Eugene: Russian culture, country, Ryazan, Kanishchevo had a fairly strong influence on me personally.

Alex: Of course the cultural heritage influence on everybody without exception, more or less. But I’m more influenced by people: friends, ex-girlfriends, Putin.

So once in a while transantalanticism, though how jet lagging, can be rewarding. Not mindful of whether you will lose that newly-found, best kept secret or not in one way or another the rest of the world will get to it after all, especially if it is this brilliant.

Find the band on Facebook and tumblr,

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3 Responses

  1. Here comes a great new band to make us happy. I bet these guys!

  2. fullisnotheavyasempty says:

    mabuhay! i agree with you about the band, i dig their singles. look them up in their Facebook page or Soundcloud. thank you.

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