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Whinehouse’s Classic Trainwreck Drama

On the heat of her European tour in Belgrade, Amy Whinehouse’s trail of drunkenness had continued that led up to wasted concert tix fares and time. Fans of the Serbian city were too kind to even provide the singing for her while she failed the white line on stage, barely opening her mouth on her sets. Talented as she is, this kind of behavior betrayed the fans on a wider scale, echoing throughout music fans worldwide.

The drama that some musicians put their lives into are just not worth the pages in the tabloids they are getting. The business of being talked about cost serious music lovers factors in finance and time. One cannot help but cringe at the sight of Whinehouse horsing around like an intoxicated chihuahua asking for the White city’s banana split. The concert cost about €40 ($57+) to watch a 28-year old lunatic forgetting the lyrics to her songs which by the way earned her Grammy accolades, but those too, are pretty irrelevant now. What Whinehouse and those like her do not understand is how replaceable they are, more talented and surely less cuckoo are struggling to do the climb in the music business while her pack, partly talented, mostly hyped up, screw around posting vids online or bolster their reputation via Hollywood lonely blonde starlets.

Yes it happened in Europe and it takes a yarn too long connecting to the East but this sort of carnival happens elsewhere. Every fan hopes to see his favorite band live, sing to its song or better get a handshake. And we want this to happen in craze-up gig where everyone is nostalgic of finally seeing that dream happen, by merely being surrounded by people who listen to the same tunes as you do is a happening to be well-enjoyed. Too bad Whinehouse does not understand the profoundness of this experience, and too bad her lunacy blinds her to the greater effect that the power of music serves.

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