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RockEd Philippines: Gloc-9 + Sandwich for Rock Rizal

This year’s en grande de celebración of Jose Rizal’s 150th birthday extends to the music community via RockEd Philippine’s project Rock Rizal 2011.

Heading out to a concert this September, Rock Rizal features nine artists recording their own interpretation of Rizal’s life, patriotism and legacy to the Philippines. Ely Buendia, Jett Pangan, Radio Active Sago Project, Ebe Dancel, Hijo, Peryodiko and Aiza Seguerra are set to release their singles in the coming weeks mounting to the anticipated gig.

Meanwhile, Sandwich and Gloc-9 lead the pack with their Rock Rizal tribute out last June 19. Free for downloads, listen and click those nifty buttons.

Sandwich’s “Mi Ultimo Amor”

Gloc-9’s “Kung Tama Siya”

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