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Yuck’s Shook Down (Review)

Multi-cultural London based band Yuck further their exploit of 90’s indie sound with the release of their new music video for the single “Shook Down” from the band’s Shook Down/ Milkshake 7″.

“Shook Down” a Yuck fan favorite, is a nostalgic tribute to 90’s warm melodic heydays attributed to Teenage Fan Club, particularly TFC’s  “Ain’t that Enough” and some Lemonheads. Mariko Doi’s bass playing here sounds textured, grooving along prom night hooks, not to mention easy to listen lyrics as Daniel Blumberg sings saccharine sweet “you can be my destiny/ you can mean that much to me.” The fuzzy guitar at the last chorus redo blasts together with that very last decade keyboarding notes til the end. Simple hooks, polished guitar work and sensitive harmonies fit the bill for one of the best pop songs this year, competing with also 90’s sounding The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Cults and Destroyer.

The music video directed by the band’s almost 6th member Michael Reich is Not Safe For Work/ Children, seriously. A modern take on the biblical story of the forbidden fruit, in this case papaya, the video shows people in cut-out body parts and in genre-crossing, mixed-up race matches- til the couple (at times women/men, men/men) find their right physicalities. The maker in the end watches the tree burn, naked on the chair.

Shock value, at your own risk, here:

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