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Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody?

In this 2005 Miranda July-penned short, John C. Reily stands in a corner holding an office clipboard asking passers-by the question “Are you anybody’s favorite person, are you the favorite person of anybody?” Quite a question to ponder on while making your way to the office, resulting to possible thoughts about your  ex-girlfriend’s real estimation of your worth and why did it really end (person A), a lopsided relationship you did not think of you are in (person B) or the indifference blotted by cultural biases (person C).

Miguel Arteta’s suggestive then exposing use of shots and implicating angles nearly slice-and-dice the three participants innermost feelings of being caught off guard with that kind of question. Running in three minutes and 45 seconds, this short gives us a look of how life, in its tangled dramas and realities; can fit into one question that all of us struggle to answer with a YES.

Your four minutes has never been this well-spent.

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