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Battles’ Ice Cream (Review)

With what could be the coldest track this summer, Battles return with “Ice Cream” from their sophomore album Gloss Drop. Since Tyondai Braxton’s departure from the group, it was never certain which path would the band take until it drops this month its super-charged Gloss Drop.

“Ice Cream” features Chilean techno big name Matias Aguayo on vocals. The single thrusts the band into a more fun and refreshing take yet still possessing that intense musicality the band has. Battles’ distinct instrumentation have garnered the group a loyal following especially those fans of math rock, and inspite of Braxton’s absence, the band clearly shows it has moved on. The flirtatious guitars and heavy drumming powered by Aguayo’s playful vocal work make “Ice Cream” too delectable to not dance with. Enjoy the track here:

Battles’ “Ice Cream”

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Glowing Like the Quickening Hues (Review of Bon Iver’s Bon Iver, Bon Iver)

In 2008’s For Emma, Forever Ago Bon Iver set the bar high for any scruffy, forlorn acoustic hopeful to occupy the front row or maybe even get the glimpse of what it is to have adoring fans so intimate they seem ready to coach him words to his songs in the event he forgets them. These songs, it appeared were intended to be cathartic. And so was the birthing of 21st century’s oft-told story of a brokenhearted grown man in a snowed in cabin writing songs about his solitary confinement while hunting deer for dinner. Before his well publicized arm to arm brushing with Kanye West for his megalomaniac record, he was the dude in Jools Holland with his heart bleeding all over his guitar. The audience “Skinny Love” has garnered for Bon Iver did not come in lump sum, well, not abrupt but certain in its effect . “re: Stacks,” “Blindsided,” “The Wolves (Act I and II) among others brought in the mush for the twenty-somethings in dire need of a breather from the electro explosions that year. And that year one morning, we woke up to a world where sadness was the cool.
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Friendly Fires’ Live Those Days Tonight (Review)

Friendly Fires played it dance-punk perfect in its self-titled debut especially with its Afro-meets-topsider-wearing-Englishman anthem “Kiss of Life.” After almost three years comes their new single “Live Those Days Tonight” via their sophomore offering Pala. The band pushed further their dance sound in this latest track to no excitement, unless you do not mind Enrique Iglesias taking over your favorite band who used to sing about “living in Paris” then opted for Miami instead. Friendly Fires was short-listed for Mercury Prize that year so it garnered anticipation for Pala to rise over the sophomore jinx. The arrangement in this track samples songs from the band’s last effort though with stronger club vibe into it. The synths building up with that hazy, looped over vocals to breakdown for stronger refrain; much like everything on the radio these days. Listen here:

Friendly Fires’ “Live Those Days Tonight”

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