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Bird Call’s Lost Cause (Review)

Sea Change” surprised Beck fans in what seemed to be a turnaround from his usual pop art montage to an acoustic, simpler; late at the bar, alone and staring at your whiskey glass collection of songs. In that record is “Lost Cause,” a towering song that speaks of a battle poorly won, a moment when nothing is left but the singular person looking out to what has been left from the raid.

Speaking like a true forlorn, “there’s too many people you used to know/ they see you coming, they see you go/ they know your secrets and you know theirs/ this town is crazy, nobody cares,” Beck gives hope by singing about moving to a new town, moving to a place where he can be nameless and no one would know what defeat has he gotten.The last few words in the record, “I’m tired of fighting/ I’m tired of fighting/ Fighting for a lost cause,” are what resounds to the whole effect of song, defeatist at heart, admirable at his bitter confession.

Now, Bird Call’s Other Creatures is a pastiche of Brooklyn’s Chiara Angelicola own renditions of songs from Kate Bush, Nick Cave and Beck. Bird Call bravely tries her hand on the song, which sounds less airy and distant as Beck but adds more salt to the wound, they say. Angelicola’s higher register makes the feelings close at hand, especially in those moments when she tries to chop words so personal, the female quality of the track transcends over.  Enough words, hear it for yourself.

Bird Call’s “Lost Cause (Beck)”

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